don’t call it a comeback

Because I have been doing this for years just like my friend L.L. This is just a new format. How do you like it? It is a little more roomy than the blog but it is still a free service so I feel like I still haven’t delved too deep into that which I may never return.

This has been a crazy few days to cap off an inane couple of months that will probably rank as the worst eight consecutive weeks of my life for probably about… forever. I am assured in my position on this issue and nothing can sway me. Its been like a Billy Joel song from Hell and I am not so certain that isn’t where all of Mr. Joel’s greatest hits started their infancy. My infancy, however, is just beginning again. Here in Austin, TX.

My personal growth doesn’t interest me as much as scare me to the point that I need to find out everything about it. Zombies also have this effect on me. I feel the more I know the better prepared I’ll be when the revolution drags its rotting carcass to my doorstep asking to borrow a cup of my brains. That is why I blog. Not the Zombies (always a proper noun), but the fear that if I lose myself along the way, much like I have the previous four fortnights, and don’t have a way to look back I might be doomed to repeat myself. The plan being, and if I may channel a little Jeff Buckley here, to be able to stair any situation in the face and say “Hey, I’ve walked this hall before- I can handle this.”

So here it goes. Well… not “it” exactly. I mean a blog takes time and multiple entries. Not exactly off to a great start am I?

Tonight I make a trip into the Metroplex for a Drawing Board show. I am playing co-pilot to David in the good ship Yaris and I might not return or, better, I might return a changed man. Lewis once said that the day he was truly converted was after a drive with his brother and after this trip I might bare witness to such a testament. If you are in the Dallas area tonight the venue is The Cavern and the doors open at 9pm.

Each weekend as the phantom date draws near I have found myself strangely torn away from Austin. Everything about the city has had me in a bind recently and I am not finding any sanctuary as the summer creeps out of this place. Soon school will start again and traffic will be just as bad as ever so I fear I am missing out on the best moments of this city and that saddens me. I’d like to fall in love with it again, but I don’t think love is in the cards for her and I. The most I can hope for right now is an awkward one night stand.

Something I am learning to love slowly are Tuesday nights at the Dog and Duck for the Austin Inklings gatherings. Illness kept me from last week but it is going to take something more wicked than that. Feel free to join us every Tuesday at around 8:30pm. Hopefully we will get a website or something up- but for now the facebook group will have to do.

i used to live alone before i knew you


~ by mlvassallo on August 17, 2007.

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