couple of things

One- the title of the blog has been the same title for the last few years. Don’t believe me? Sorry. Nobody inspired it. I just like the song and my silly play on words. I think I am so funny.

Two- the meebo widget on the side is really a connection straight into my IM. When you see that I am online that is really me talking back to you. You can change your name by clicking on the bottom part that says “Edit Nick”. Give it a try, but please identify if you are going to use it.

It sounds like Friday night is going to be spent in Arlington watching the M’s battle the Rangers who are crushing the Orioles 30-3 right now in the 9th inning. There really should be some mercy rule in the MLB. Seriously. Saturday will be at La Zona Rosa for the Drawing Board show. I’ve gone out on a limb and invited some work friends and just might get up the courage to invite a few more. Let us see if they show. If not it should be fun regardless. I’d like very much to see you there. No lie.

get up, we’ll dig graves for your invisible friends


~ by mlvassallo on August 22, 2007.

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