battle scars and shooting stars

I had a dream about us last night. It was beautiful.

Sleep hasn’t come easy recently and I’ve had to resort to leaving my TV on for a little background noise. I think of it as water wings to support me as I float into that sea of Nod. The dream didn’t come as vivid at first but what I could make out happened to be the milky white of the stars on the inky black background of space. I like space. Space is romantic for the sole reason that it represents infinite possibility when our world is so finite. How could you not love the idea of that?

In space I was floating. I could feel myself slowly turning not of my own power but something more centrifugal and my head could only turn so far on my neck to see behind me and where exactly my orbit was pathing. I could feel something warm at my back and I knew its source was celestial and radiant; A star? A sun? Something more alien and so beyond my scope of human understanding that I couldn’t even muster a visage in my imagination?

The anticipation was killing me. My rotation was so slow and steady and nothing I could do in the null gravity caused me to turn any faster. If anything my frustrated and anxious thrashing was stunting the process. The suspense was palpable and I could feel my heart pound in my chest with an excitement that is usually reserved for first dances, kisses and other deeply intimate moments. Then, as if shocked or stunned, I relaxed. A calm came over me that was unlike anything I have felt in months. I believe the earthlings call the feeling “peace”. But I am not bound to a earthly body so I could only describe it as rapture. I could see the brilliance of whatever lay behind me start to crest in the periphery of my vision. It was like watching the moon and the sun rise at the same time, both inexplicable and awe-inspiring. My mind fell silent and my body still.

It was you.

Your hair was golden and your skin matched it in a tone that the lord reserved for trees in autumn in those states that are familiar with seasons. You were looking down as if you hadn’t noticed me, but we were the only objects for light years and if I hadn’t been weighed down by the gravity of our situation I might have felt slighted, but all I could remember feeling was you as we drifted into each other finally.

Without a word you reached out to me and your hands moved up my forearms to my elbows and pulled me close into you as I mirrored your movements until we embraced. Then you looked up at me with blue-grey eyes, blinked once, and rested your head on my chest.

The fucking alarm went off.

how is your heart little darlin’?


~ by mlvassallo on September 23, 2007.

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