another dream

I had another dream about us again. I am sure I know exactly what sparked this scene deep in the secret part of my brain that only makes itself manifest in the short hours I can actually get some sleep. If I am forced to think about it I think of sleep as a raw commodity that has to be harvested lest I fall victim to a sever recession of rest. I have had to make sleep a game recently; pretend like it is doing me some great good on an entertainment scale because the restless thoughts that come before the sleep are the most gut-wrenching.

Telling myself that I will dream of you helps ease me into this, however the oft promised happens rarely if ever. Last night was only the second time.

I was weary of traveling and I could feel the weight of it on my back and shoulders. The pack I carried must have had some importance because as tired as my bones persuaded me to believe I was it did not come off of its perch. The country side was dark but it was neither night or shadow and it took me some time to realize that I was seeing it out of obstructed vision. When I put my hands to my face I felt a familiar damp and sticky that told me the bandages that covered my left eye and forehead were matted with what could only be blood. I was wounded and the best that I could tell from my pack and my boots and a rifle slung heavy over my right shoulder is that it was from war.

My walking brought me to a small house that looked like it could have been ripped from the French country side. The cobblestone sides and wooden framework projected a sturdiness that told me the house was structurally sound and the wide open shutters and fresh laundry hanging on the line just beyond the white washed back gate told me it had not been compromised. It was safe. That notion carried me just to the door where I collapsed under my own weight before knocking.

The next part was ethereal as I viewed it from outside my own body. I could see the door to the house open and a figure step into the light.

It was you. You helped me up and into the house. Then you came back to close the door and as you did you stared right into the eyes of where ever I was looking from. Then I woke up.

the sky doesn’t cover, it swallows


~ by mlvassallo on October 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “another dream”

  1. Oh the cruel mind…things will never leave it be…doomed to stay with us till the end.

  2. You know. I like these dreams. The individual in them is one that gives me hope.

  3. So, I started reading this yesterday, but when I saw that it was less of a “Today I went to work…” blog I decided that skimming over it between looking busy at work wouldn’t do the writing justice.

    But last night I had dreams of people from my past, and I blame you sir. You might hear from my attorney.

  4. Like I said cruel=hope, hahahaha, Take it easy my brotha…let you know about next weekend sometime between now and then. Peace be with you.

  5. Just Friday night my friend. The rest of the weekend is yours.

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