the unexpected

In the fall the days get shorter.  There is really no poetic reasoning behind that observation, it is just a fact that has some resonance in scientific circles somewhere.  I imagine it is a place where men wear white lab coats and safety goggles and contemplate things in this world the rest of us just take at face value.  I also imagine this place is very serious business.

The promise of Friday night was less scientific as much as it was a hypothesis that was only going to get tested on one control group.  My plan was to take little Abby Meredith Loe and a group of her classmates to dinner and then out into the city of Austin as a mere gesture of comity and to see what we could rekindle in the ashes of a friendship grown cold from too many years with no tending. What happened could probably be better explained in the works of Byron and songs of Sinatra than any of the published journals of human behavior that line the walls of stuffy libraries.  We wouldn’t need scientists and their serious business.

Right now, while the feelings are so sharp and clarity is an abundant resource in a land where it use to be a scarce commodity I am simply happy.  A true friend told me that made him happy and that might have been the penultimate moment I knew this was so very right.

The ultimate moment was when I had her cheering/jeering at the Seahawks.  What can I say- I am easy to please.

sometimes fires don’t go out when you are done playing with them


~ by mlvassallo on October 16, 2007.

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