a much needed update

The season that exists at the end of the year has never been more busy for me than the one that is occurring at the moment. As things are winding down on the holiday season I haven’t had an opportunity to just sit and think about the last few weeks. I guess processing time has been a frequent necessity for me recently and I’ve used these blog posts as a platform for just that.

In some crazy fashion that must be a sick joke to which the punchline I am unable to comprehend I have been on call for two weekends in a row. I spent last weekend before the high holiday fielding grounders and pop-flies for the network’s radiology department and I will be doing the very same thing this weekend through New Year’s Eve. I am the Alex Rodriguez of network administration- nothing gets past me when I am getting paid. While this does put a damper on any plans I might have had for an outing on the 31st it is fortunate that I didn’t have any plans at all. Sure, a few people gave me a “Oh! Too bad, you could have done X with me!” however the only thing I’d really wanted to do was enjoy the slow and painful death of the mongrel that was the year 2007 with a girl who happens to be a little over 700 miles away. I guess I will just have to listen for that death rattle alone.

I do have some plans. My folks got me a new TV for Christmas so I hope to put it to some good use. Being trapped sober and inside will give me an excuse to watch some movies that I have been trying to get under my belt for awhile- including a 3 night Lord of the Rings Extended Director’s Extravaganza With 10 Alternate Endings Marathon that maybe only I would enjoy in some sick way.

If you have been trying to call me on my cell for, oh, the last MONTH you would know that you either got my voicemail, a disconnect notice or some French dude. This is because my cell phone provider decided to do me a favor and both cancel my account and extend my contract for another eight years. After talking with every person on their customer support staff I was able to wrest my number and my credit rating out of the hands of this evil mega-corporation and into the loving palms of another (just as evil mega-corporation). So, if you are keeping score at home, you can call me again at my old number (I gave several of you a new one) and there is a good chance I’ll answer. I swear I wasn’t ignoring some of you(some of you), I just couldn’t get my phone to work to save my life.

I have some thoughts on the recent assassination of the former female Prime Minister of Pakistan and some new information that has done more to solidify my beliefs that Dr. Ron Paul (read savior of the human race in some circles) is really a white supremacist. However you all are my friends and I won’t subject you to any of that- I think I am seeing Davin this weekend, I’ll dump it all in his lap.

If I don’t see you have a safe and happy New Year.

good riddance


~ by mlvassallo on December 28, 2007.

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