stay positive

It’s been well over a year since I’ve posted anything to this albatross.  It was semi-planned.  All of the writing I’ve had time to do recently has been on one of two projects that are crawling toward the daylight albeit sluggishly.  I am also pretty sure my WoW addiction is back.  I find myself reading patch notes and talent builds over and over when I should be doing something more productive.  While not healthy, I think the little bit of fun and comradeship that a raid on some plagued dungeon in a far off land late into the night has helped me stay positive.

Positivity is key.

I am 58% into the latest update.

The two projects I have been working on are both labors of loves lost and found.  One started during the NaWriMo contest which I quickly dropped out of due to the work speaking to me more often than short prose really should.  I never get the hang of structured writing anyhow.  And while I know the NaWriMo event isn’t suppose to be a “structure” in and of itself- guidelines in general give me the heebs and the jeebs.  The second project takes my mind off of the first.  It is a story I’ve carried around for a long time and I will probably carry it for even longer.  Ask me about it sometime and I’ll hem and haw around the plot when all I really need to say is it is about a girl.  For a romantic all good stories are about a girl.  Or a guy.  Or an object to be desired.

66% left on this update. Why are patch days so slow?

Recently, when I am not working or writing or playing at a rakish Blood Elf Paladin in some distant plain my focus is spent counting down the days.  Abby and I are still separated by that black entity known as I35.  While the four hour car trip seems wrote after a year and a third (has it really been that long?) there is a point when that dastardly highway starts to call your name and you find yourself in a siren song of small unforgettable towns and truck stops.  But it has been well worth it.  The relationship that Abby and I have forged has been one of such high reward that it is hard for me to even fathom the depths of my past nuances into the process.  I think our biggest achievement is honesty.  Honesty makes love wonderfully transparent. Transparent enough that the distance means nothing.

But it still means something and we will both be glad when these vagabond days are behind us.  (Installing the patch now.)

It is now part of my plan to update this journal again on a regular basis.   I thought about jiggering with the design, but I like it.  It feels like home.   I might change my mind later.

The patch is installed and I just have to check out these 30 minute Pally Seals (I’m hopeless).  If you are also addicted and want to hit me up in game my main right now is Borrock on Cho’Gall(US).

nobody’s perfect.

~ by mlvassallo on February 10, 2009.

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  1. Hey, I’ll have to hit you up for some hemming and hawing as far as your writing goes. Baseball is busy. I might be coaching JV by myself tomorrs which is a bit daunting. Stay positive…

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