in like a lion

Randomly, a friend informed me that in most college curriculum Meterology isn’t considered a science.  I’d like to say this upset me on some childlike plane, but it didn’t.  The revelation that one of the aspects in life which we can attempt readiness and show off some form of adult comprehension is seen in academic circles as educated guesstimating at best doesn’t jar the senses like it would when Beakman’s World was the center of my scientific universe and taping two soda bottles together and adding colored water was how you made a tornado.  There are old jokes about the weather in Texas, but if you spend any time here experiencing  the “seasons” you just mindlessly repeat them in lieu of cursing at the systems that blow through from December to March rendering the temporary storage of any seasonal wardrobe an ineptitude.  A conversation I had in the elevator at work last week when discussing the freak snow flurries ended with the punchline “If you don’t like it, move.”

I’ve given that advice some serious thought since then.  I am in a short sleeved polo today and left my jacket in the car.

Weathering the, well, weather hasn’t been the only thing my tendril of the Vassallo family tree has had to endure this last month.  My wife Abby and I are still newly weds in that our chronological proximity to the wedding date is still relatively close.  If asked my opinion on the subject I’d say that we know each other fairly well as we have occupied the same physical space since last June, however there are still moments.  For instance I can’t figure out her laundry pattern.  I find her committing to the task at seemingly random intervals that runs incongruent to my “as needed” policy.  Sometimes, in trying to improve upon my helpfulness I’ll make a plan in the morning get to the laundry first with hopes to relieve her of this station only to come home to the sound of a whirling dryer.   I hope it is some consolation that I am willing to fold socks.

My guess is she would say that I steal the covers at night, but that would be a tip of the iceberg sort of conjuncture.

Whatever the story happens to be, we are going to get the chance to find out starting on Sunday when we participate in a study at the University of Texas.  They have dubbed it the “Austin Marriage Project” and from my limited perspective it should have been called the “Austin Marriage Test” because that is what has been presented to me thus far.  I knocked out the fifty page assessment over a couple of lunch breaks and by the repetitive nature of the questions I think I can already tell where this study is headed. I’d imagine the questions are structured to wear the testee down until they are submitting the purest extract of an answer.  For instance it might ask me 10 different ways on one page if I feel like sex is the most important part of a marriage, and essentially I should answer the same way and/or a pattern will appear within my answers to that type of question to present the truest assertion.  That a computer or an analyst can determine if I am being genuine in my response by asking me the same question 10 different ways is something I am hoping to determine as unbeknownst to the testers, I am running tests of my own.

Confused yet?

This weekend I will be at Staple! The Independent Media Expo.  I believe this is my third if not the fourth year to attend this conference and I must say it gets better with age.  While I consider myself a veteran of many tours with the geek battalions, “cons” or “expos” are not my theater of choice.  That isn’t to say I wouldn’t go to more if I had the chance; PAX is my holy grail and I missed my early opportunities to build a repertoire with attendees.  What I am saying is when I get to a convention I get so overwhelmed by the exchange of appreciation between both fans and creators I realize I have no outlet that would be appropriate for that environment.  I either want to be a teary eyed star struck little girl like I was when I met Brian Wood of DMZ fame or an unrepentant fanboy like when I nearly told PVP creator Scott Kurtz that I used to camp his toon back in the PA vs. PVP WoW Guild wars on Dark Iron LOL NUB!!!111 (See, there is just no place for that in proper society).   So what I end up doing is walking the rows of booths with my hands clenched behind my back as I tell Chris Onstad that his comic Achewood is “super cool”.

Yeah Mike, I think he knows that.

let’s go smash out every light


~ by mlvassallo on March 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “in like a lion”

  1. The assessment isn’t actually judged as critically as that. They assign a certain number to each of your responses in a certain category and add them or average them to determine that you are a “82” on paying your bills as soon as they come in the mail or whatever the questions were about. They’ll use that as a starting place for the rest of the study.

    But yeah… have fun with that.

  2. @singinhobo: Mike is currently shacked up with a woman that created rating scales in college for research purposes. I think his reference was intended to be poetic, not confused.

    @Mikey: Am I right, sugarlips?

    You better say yes or my subliminal stats lessons will all have been in vain….. and I’ll tell the Marriage Project people that you don’t listen to me.

  3. All I know is I put that sex is the MOST important thing in a relationship everywhere I could.

    I even wrote it on the bottom of the last page.

  4. aw geez… there really are two of you.

  5. There is somebody for everybody.

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